City Construct Group has a team of specialists with experience in safe demolition applications.

Together with our specialists, we have a fleet of trucks and equipment that allow us to carry out logistical operations to quickly manage any demolition, as well as cleaning the site in optimal conditions.

We have the big picture of such an operation, having expertise in both construction and deconstruction.

State-of-the-art equipment for demolition work:

  • Excavators – 24 – 48 Tons
  • Hydraulic shears – 32 – 48 Tons
  • Crushers
  • Sprayers
  • Concrete-cutting lance
  • Loader-diggers
  • Wheel loaders
  • 8 × 4 trucks

If you have decided to demolish or partially dismember a building, City Construct Group is your ideal partner.

Documents required

for issuing a building demolition authorization

If you don’t yet have a demolition authorization, find out that it is issued under the same conditions as the building permit, contacting the local administration authorities.

  • Application form for issuing the Demolition Authorization
  • Document for the Payment of the Demolition Authorization Issuance Tax
  • Statement on own responsibility regarding the non-existence of disputes over the property
  • Legalized copy of the document proving the title over the property
  • Photocopies of the Town Planning Certificate and the technical data sheets necessary for obtaining the approvals required by the Town Planning Certificate
  • The project for authorizing the execution of the demolition works (in Romanian, D.T.A.D.), drawn up based on the legal provisions, including the Verification Reports and, as the case may be, the Technical Expertise Report – signed and stamped in original
  • Tax Attestation Certificate regarding the tax value of the building
  • Documents for the payment of legal fees for the approvals and agreements necessary for the issuance of the Unique Agreement, according to the list of required approvals and agreements, communicated together with the Town Planning Certificate (in copy)
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