A reliable partner

City Construct Group was founded in 2008, having the purpose of offering quality solutions within the construction market.

Over time, we have expanded the team, skills and assets of the company, becoming a player appreciated by customers and partners.

Dedication and quality was demonstrated, firstly, by the quality of the projects delivered on time and, secondly, by the transparent relationship with the beneficiaries. Attention to detail and acceptance of challenges are not just the values ​​of our team, but a way of working.

We are glad to have continuity with a united and well-prepared team following the experiences with dozens of residential and industrial projects; together, we learned from successes and from mistakes in order to be able to perform further.

Contractually guaranteed readiness

Compliance with deadlines. Even if it is a field full of unforeseen, we have learned to control as much as possible the situations that arise – we pay attention to details from the stage of consulting and design, to the stage of handing over the works. We take responsibility in front of the beneficiaries and we are responsible for what we stipulate in the contracts.

United team. Having an internal team of over 100 colleagues and an extensive team through collaborators.

Performance. We can successfully carry out any type of project, using the allocated budget with maximum attention and efficiency.

Management 100% involved in projects

The founder of City Construct Group is directly involved in the projects of the customers, from consulting to site supervision and management of arisen situations. He has over 20 years of active experience in architecture – the side of constructions and landscaping, thus becoming a passion that he fulfills every day.

Consequently, we are receptive to requirements and suggestions. We have never worked only for the client, we have always worked with the client – thus, we have always been able to offer an increased standard of construction quality.


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