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From the simplest operations to the most complex, everything will be executed with professionalism by our team

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Constructions and

Indoor and Outdoor Design

City Construct Group is specialized in the execution of civil constructions, having the necessary experience, team and equipment for any work.

We specialize in providing the following types of services:

  • Execution of excavations and embankments
  • Execution of industrial floors, any kind of concreting
  • Execution of waterproofing
  • Execution of thermal insulation
  • Execution of plasters and mechanized screeds
  • Execution of concrete structures – iron processing and assembly, carpentry works
  • Ceramic installation
  • Execution of structures and plasterboard plating
  • Execution of brickwork
  • Processing and execution of metal structures
  • Carpentry installation and PVC partitions
  • Execution of electrical and sanitary installations
  • Debris transport

Red and Turnkey


The house is an organic set of factors that interact and influence each other. The superficial approach of one aspect leads to additional expenses elsewhere. It is vital that the made decisions are best calculated and adapted to your needs.

If you want an efficient construction at the budget level, you should not directly consider cheap materials, but a well-calculated ratio between materials and labor, associated with a correct assessment of the need for space.

All these lead to maximum comfort. After that, the finishing of the rooms is done in direct proportion to their purpose and importance to you.

Foundations and Excavations

Excavation is the operation of removing earth in order to execute the foundation of a construction or to arrange underground pipes or installations.

Depending on the required volume, it is performed manually or, usually, mechanized.

According to their type, they can be:

  • Continuous foundations under walls;
  • Insulated foundations under pillars;
  • General eraser – present under the entire construction;
  • Foundations on pillars – provided in case of weak foundation ground;
  • Step foundations;
  • Combinations of the above types.

The foundation is extremely important. A poorly designed or executed foundation will endanger the entire structure of the house, and further repairs are difficult or impossible to execute.

City Construct Group grants a great deal of importance to this phase of the work, being constantly monitored by an expert engineer.

The engineer will determine the type of foundation used from the above depending on:

  • The nature of the foundation land (established by a geotechnical study);
  • Construction features (size, structure type etc.);
  • The depth of frost that is specific to the area in which the house is going to be built.


City Construct Group execută următoarele tipuri de zidărie:

  • Zidărie simplă/nearmată (ZNA)
  • Zidărie confinată (ZC)
  • Zidarie confinată și armată în rosturi orizontale (ZC+AR)
  • Zidarie cu inimă armată (ZIA)
  • Zidarie înrămată în cadre (ZIR)


Depending on the building element that is plastered and the operating conditions, there are several types of plaster:

  • Raw plaster
  • Crushed and smoothed plaster
  • Plaster on concrete
  • Plaster on rabitz
  • Waterproof plaster
  • Decorative plaster

Thermal insulation

City Construct Group has been successfully performing waterproofing and thermal insulation works (with mineral wool or polystyrene) for years.

We recommend polystyrene thermal insulation because it has a number of advantages:

  • Comfort – you get the right climate: heat – winter, coolness – summer
  • Economy – thermal insulation reduces heat costs by up to 30% -50%. The initial investment is already amortized in 3-4 years
  • Aesthetics – over 100 colors and textures offer a flawless aesthetic look
  • Quality – it is executed easily and in a short time, while being of top quality
  • Durability – the average lifespan can exceed 25-30 years
  • Total coverage – both on the outside and on the inside of the wall
  • Decorative plaster – on the outside and on the inside of the wall

Related services

The development of a construction site involves a lot of necessary related operations and services; we are aware of them and we can successfully ensure them. Among the related services, we can mention:

  • Compartments;
  • Attics;
  • Electrical and Sanitary Installations;
  • Roof constructions;
  • Cleaning Services.
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